Through collaborative interactions and consultations, the Behavioral Core serves researchers At Upward Research Labs, UC San Francisco, other nonprofit research institutions, and for-profit entities. Together with colleagues in clinical programs, we are investigating the relation between impairments in patients with brain disorders and in rodent models simulating these conditions. These studies aim to promote the development of suitable tests and novel treatment strategies to improve cognition and other neural functions in patients suffering from devastating diseases of the nervous system.


Jeff Simms, MA
Core Director


Services Provided

  • Cognition/Learning and Memory
  • Motor Function
  • Anxiety and Emotional States
  • Sociability
  • Sensory Function
  • Developmental Milestones
  • Custom designs based on individual research goals

Core Members

Lisa Chun
Research Technologist II

Elise Deng
Research Technologist I

Cassie Doerner
Student Intern

Julia Holtzman
Research Technologist III

Iris Lo
Associate Core Director

Lennart Mucke

Jeff Simms
Core Director

Our staff has nearly 40 years of combined experience and provides a complete service package, including design and execution of experiments, as well as data compilation and analysis.

  • Provide innovative approaches to basic neuroscience questions assessing the relevance of interesting molecules and pathways.

  • Help to assess relative impact of experimental manipulations and therapeutic interventions on behavioral functions.

  • Design and implementation of translational drug development studies.

  • Knowledge center in the field of behavioral neuroscience with access to substantial metadata.

  • Novel paradigm adaptation and creation.

  • Pioneering machine learning in behavioral analysis.

  • Assistance with manuscript and grant preparation and revision.

  • Provide letters of support for grant applications.



Are Project Consultations Available?

Yes. The earlier we can meet with our users, the better. We find that when we’re involved in the early planning stages, we can help design studies that produce more robust and reproducible outcomes.

How Do I Initiate a Project?

Projects can be initiated through iLab. Contact Jeff Simms to register for iLab and receive detailed instruction on project submission.

Do You Offer Training for Those Who Would Like to Run Their Own Experiments?

Yes. We are more than happy to train anyone who would like to learn how to perform behavioral assessments. Once fully trained, you will be able to run your own experiments with the continued support from the core staff.

Do You Offer Data Analysis Assistance?

The core provides a complete service package, including data compilation and analysis. The data package is designed to be ready for publication and we provide support throughout the publication process.

Can You Help With Novel Areas of Study Without Established Behavioral Paradigms?

We often work with researchers to adapt existing protocols or create novel paradigms to best answer individual research questions. These are often the most exciting and interesting projects for our team.