The Stem Cell Core offers a fully functional tissue culture facility with specialized instruments, media, reagents, cell lines, and expertise for new or established researchers to perform cutting-edge stem cell research. Our core also provides comprehensive human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell–related training, consultations, and standard and customized scientific services to stem cell researchers.


Stem Cell Core Staff


Services Provided

  • Standard quality control (mycoplasma screening, pluripotency, genetic stability)
  • Training in human iPS cell culture, reprogramming, cardiac differentiations
  • Cell banking and distribution of human iPS cells and skin fibroblasts
  • Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) isolation from blood samples
  • iPS cell reprogramming from human PBMCs and fibroblasts
  • CRISPR-mediated gene editing in iPS cells
  • Human iPS cell lineage differentiations
  • Consultations, collaborations, and educational seminars on iPS cell and gene-editing topics

Core Members

Sam Hu
Student Intern

Ritu Kumar
Core Director

Wendy Runyon
Research Scientist


The Stem Cell Core can provide assistance to researchers new to iPS cell or genome engineering technologies to establish their research projects in these fields. In addition, we support researchers by providing a fully equipped and functional facility, along with a comprehensive selection of iPS cell–related services, so that researchers can focus solely on their experiments.


Reprogramming patient blood and fibroblasts into iPS cells

Genome engineering of iPS cell lines


Directed differentiation into cell lineages

Phenotypic assays for cell health and function


Drug screening


I would like to use the Stem Cell Core facility. How do I get started?

How do I pay for services?

Consumables, services, and instrument usage are paid via iLab. We would set up an iLab account for you and you would submit a fund number (PO number) to order through your account.

Do you provide customized services or collaborations?

Yes, email to discuss your project.

What is the wait time for scheduling my project?

It depends on the project request and current workload of the Stem Cell Core. We generally require at least 2 weeks notice to schedule new projects. Contact the core early to schedule your project.

Will I have access to my iPS cell cultures during off-peak times?

You may be eligible for Upward Research Labs badge access, which will give you access to the facility during off-peak times.